provides comprehensive real estate advisory services to Nordic companies

looking for industrial and logistics facilities in the Czech Republic (specializing in northwestern Bohemia), Slovakia (specializing in eastern Slovakia), Hungary, Romania Croatia and newly in Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. We speak also Serbian and Croatian which allows us to set up superior form of cooperation and contacts.

We always offer several suitable alternatives to our clients.

We hold daily meetings with the management of manufacturing companies and thanks to that we are aware of any closures of production operations . It is then that favourable and cost-effective opportunities arise to buy or lease space in newly constructed buildings. The final price of the purchase or lease of space is the result of joint negotiations and comparison with other alternatives. They serve to optimize the resulting lease or purchase price of the property and they work great as a bargaining tool, even in such cases when the customer requires built-to-suit solutions.

We also offer cooperation in negotiating of the purchase or lease. We will recommend a suitable structure for establishment of Czech companies. Our legal department has many years of experience negotiating and knows what can be achieved in the contract.

We are in direct contact with Nordic embassies in the Czech Republic and the Czech embassies in Scandinavia. Thanks to our partnership with national promotion investment agencies (such as CzechInvest) and experts on investment incentives, we always know exactly what kind of financial support the investor may apply for.

We know what the real job offer in the regions is and where to look for suitable staff.

We have strong references to build on. Find out more about us.

We look forward to our cooperation with you. We believe that we can satisfy all your business requirements in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine.

Jiří Suremka, partner

  • 1) complexRE not only maps the Scandinavian market‘s manufacturing and logistics companies
  • 2) It identifies a Danish company which is dissatisfied with unsuitable premises for production
  • 3) It is decided on a new location in northwest Bohemia; region is very close to the Danish market where most of the production is exported. The new workforce is immediately available for reasonable wages; there is a possibility of investment incentives
  • 4) complexRE maps suitable locations and comes up with a variety of bespoke new builds - built-to-suit. At the same time it offers two sites where a manufacturer has left and that are immediately available
  • 5) Together with the Danish company a shortlist is made and price negotiations are initiated
  • 6) Since the Danish company prefers to lease, a major development company in the industrial and logistics property is introduced into the process that buys one of the abandoned manufacturing operations. Thanks to the joint strategy the development company is able to offer a very low lease price
  • 7) the same lease price is then agreed for the second potential landlord
  • 8) The Danish choose the alternative where the general consensus is that of a less complicated path to reach the goal and where the company is able to manage the time and required changes in the building including permissions. Both offers are identical in prices
  • 9) The agreement is negotiated and signed
  • 10) complexRE provides contacts for new employees (for the first 30 positions 150 suitable candidates applies!), temporary accommodation, meetings with local politicians and authorities – i.e. activities that would often take foreigners several months to accomplish, resulting in wasted effort
  • 11) Estimated time of commencement of production operation is approximately 8 months from the client's decision on production in northwestern Bohemia, only 5 months from the date of signing the contract

Jesper Svender

Managing Director Blika A/S

"Thanks to their knowledge and network of contacts in the Czech and Slovak markets, ComplexRE and Jiří managed to provide Blika with a unique opportuinity and great conditions for lease of “A-class” manufacturing spaces. Immediate online response was always available as well as solutions during the process of finding locations and negotiating contract documents."

Remon Vos


"Jiří is a tough professional and a knowledgeable and reliable partner - with his specialization on Scandinavia he has always negotiated on the part of his client. The most important thing for me is the fact that the deal was successfully made."


Offer your premises for sale / lease

If you are closing down a production in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine we are able to purchase your property or, alternatively, we can provide you with a a long-term contract tenant. If you are interested, please let us know and we will contact you.

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